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Logging In

Sign In

Go to in Google Chrome.

Enter your email address and password.

Forgotten Login Details

Click the "Forgotten Password" link and enter your email address.

HELP! I can't remember any of my login details!

Ask one of your colleagues to check whether you've been added on as a staff member.

Or you can directly and we'll check whether you've been added on as a staff member.

Sending Recalls

Navigate To Recalls Page

Once you have logged in click on the "Recalls" link at the top of the page.

The Outstanding Tab

The Outstanding tab is where all the recalls which need to be acted on by the surgery are displayed.

Communicate Button

Click on the "Communicate" button for your chosen patient.

Choose How You Would Like To Contact Your Patient

You can then choose how to contact your patient. You can call a patient, send a SMS, send an email or send a letter directly from BookYourGP. Just click your preferred method of communication.

Sending Texts, Emails & Letters

If you choose to send a SMS, email or letter you can either write your message directly into the text area. Or you can choose a template.

Once you're done crafting your perfect message just hit the "Send" button.

Then what??

Once you've contacted the patient, upon refreshing the page, the recall will disappear from the outstanding tab for three days. If the patient still hasn't contacted the surgery after three days, the recall will reappear in the oustanding tab.

You can tell how many times the patient has been contacted for their recall by looking at the number in parentheses which appears in the communicate button:

Pending Tab

Pending Tab

Click on the "Pending Recalls" tab

The Pending Recalls tab displays all recalls for your surgery for the whole year.

Red Dates

If a date is red, that means the patient is due a recall and should be booked in whenever possible.

If both dates are red, that means the patient is overdue their recall and this should be acted on with priority.

Done Button

Once the patient has been booked in for their recall click the "Done" button.

If the recall has been set to repeat, then pressing the "Done" button will save a repeat recall into the patient's profile.

Tips & Tricks

Copying Info

Clicking on the NHS number will copy it. You can then paste this number into SystmOne to find patients.

Clicking on the Recall will copy all the information about the recall itself. You can paste this information into any appointments you book so that the rest of the team know why the patient has been booked in and for what.

See Recall Information

Hovering over the recall will show you information about the recall. This includes why the patient is being recalled and what specific tasks need to be done by the clinical team.

Filtering / Searching

You can search through each tab by name, NHS Number, recall, staff member, start date and end date.

As soon as you start to type the tab will find anything that matches.

You can mix and match searches. For example if you search for "Asthma" in the recall search box and also search "06-2020" in the start date search box, then you will be able to find all of the Asthma reviews which have a start date in Jun 2020.

Open Patient Profile

Clicking on the patient's name will open up the patient's profile in a new Google Chrome tab.

Patient Profile

Recalls & Messages

In the bottom right corner of the patient's profile you can see when the patient has been contacted and by whom.

See The Message

Clicking on the message will show you the full message which was sent.

Add A Recall

You can add a recall by clicking the "+ Recall" button.

Save The Recall

Now simply pick your recall from the dropdown and fill in the rest of the information.

Edit / Delete Recall

Click on the Edit / Delete Recall button to edit or delete a recall.

Patient Page

Go To The "Patients" Page

Click on the "Patients" link at the top of the page.

Search For A Patient

You can search for any patient registered at your surgery by entering their name, address, date of birth or NHS Number.

Communicate Or Open Patient Profile

Once you have found your patient you can communicate with them from here or you can open the patients profile by clicking on their name.

Sign Out

Click on your name (which will be in the top right corner) and then click the "Sign Out" button

Communication Delivery Status

Navigate To Delivery Status Page Via "COMMUNICATE" Button

Click on any of the "COMMUNICATE" buttons from within BookYourGP. Then click on "Delivery Status" at the bottom of the new window.

Navigate To Delivery Status Page Via Recalls Settings

You can also navigate to the Delivery Status page via the Recalls page. After navigating to the Recalls page, click on "Communications" and then in the new window click on "Delivery Status".

Filtering / Searching

You can search for messages sent by the surgery by entering the patient name, the NHS Number, the staff member who sent the message, the type of message sent (SMS, Email or Letter), the status of the message and / or the date the message was sent.

You can mix and match searches. For example you may wish to search for messages sent on 01/01/2021 with a status of "failed". Or you may just wish to search for all messages sent by a particular staff member etc.

Once you have entered your desired search queries, click the "SEARCH" button.

Search Results

In this example we searched for all messages sent by "rakeeb".

If you would like to communicate with a given patient again, then simply click on the "COMMUNICATE" button.

View Message

If you click on the message in the "Type" column then you can see what message was sent to the patient.

In this example we clicked on the "email" which was sent by Rakeeb on 27/01/2021.

View Delivery Status From Patient Profile Page

You can also view the status of any messages sent by navigating to the patient profile page.

Ensure No Recalls Are Missing

Download and Extract SystmOne Reports

Download the Zip File containing the SystmOne reports. We will have sent these to you when you signed up with us.

Right click on the file and then select "Extract All".

Import Reports Into SystmOne

In SystmOne go to "Clinical Reporting".

Then click "Import".

Select Reports To Import

Select the SystmOne reports you previously downloaded and extracted.

Select Where You Would Like The Reports To Be Saved

You can then click on "New Category" to create a new category to save your reports in. In the screenshot we created a new category called "Reports To Keep BookYourGP Updated". After you have created your category click on "Ok".

Run Desired Reports

You will now have access to all the reports needed to keep BookYourGP up to date. We have included disease registers and also amber medications.

Right click on a report, then select "Run". Then right click on the report again and select "Show Patients".

Save To CSV

Click on "Save All Pages to CSV". This will open Microsoft Excel.

In Excel click on "File", then click "Save As". Give the saved file an appropriate name so you can identify what information this spreadsheet contains.

Navigate To The "Identify Patients" Feature In BookYourGP

Now log in to in Google Chrome & then click on "RECALLS" on the tool bar.

Then click on "Recall Settings".

Identify Patients Feature

Click on the "Identify Patients" feature.

Identify Patients With No Recall

Click "Choose file" and select your desired CSV file, which you saved from SystmOne.

Then from the drop down menu, select your desired disease or amber drug.

In this example we have selected the "Asthma.csv" file. This CSV contains all the patients on the Asthma Disease register for this surgery.

We then selected "Asthma" from the drop down menu.

Next click on "SUBMIT"

Bleep Bleep.....Bloop Bloop.....

BookYourGP will then display which patients do not have a recall. In this example BookYourGP has identified 43 patients who are on the Asthma register, but do not have a Asthma Recall on BookYourGP.

You can click on the patient's name to go directly into a patients profile to add any recalls you wish.

Save In A Word Document

You can save all the patients to a word document by holding the left mouse key, highlighting the relevant text, then pressing "Ctrl + C", then pressing "Ctrl + V" in to a word document.

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