Co-ordinate, Organise & Manage Care The Right Way

BookYourGP is much more than a "Recall System". It will help you provide the best possible care for your patients, increase efficiency & productivity for your surgery while reducing medico-legal risk and costs to boot! Here's how it works.

Step 1: Tell Us Which Clinical Staff Members Can Do What, Where They Do It & For How Long

A "skills matrix" gets entered & saved into BookYourGP. The skills matrix is updatable by the surgery. This means that if your Nurse develops the ability to do Diabetes Reviews, BookYourGP can be updated, so that your Diabetes Reviews can then be done by any and all appropriate staff members.

You will be suprised how much friction is created between staff and how much frustration is experienced by patients as a result of incorrectly booking appointments.

BookYourGP works better as it accurately identifies which staff member can do what, for how long and where. As it's been built with General Practice in mind, it uses this information to accurately advise which patient should be seen by which staff member. The days of patients being booked in for a smear with a GP with no smear code are well and truly over!

Step 2: Organise Your Chronic Disease & Amber Medication Reviews & Stay That Way

Next, set how you would like to organise your recalls for any condition or medication you would like to monitor.

BookYourGP will then analyse hundreds of thousands of data points to organise your recalls.

BookYourGP will then give you a breakdown of how your recalls will look going forward and what percentage of patients are overdue a review.

We have yet to find a surgery where less than 30% of recalls are overdue.

Once you're all organised, we provide you with all the clinical reports and functionality you will ever need to maintain your disease and amber drug recall registers forever.

Step 3: BookYourGP Comes Jam-Packed With All The Tools You Need To Do Your Recalls

BookYourGP is the only tool you will ever need to co-ordinate and organise complex medical care for your patients.

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