Stats Page

The stats page allows you to see an overview of which recalls are due for a given month and also to carry out workforce planning.

Navigate To Stats Page

Click on Stats

Overview Tab

To see what recalls need to be carried out for a given month, select a month from the Filter dropdown. In this example we can see what recalls were due for March 2022.

Planning Tab

The Planning Tab allows you to set the percentage of patients for a given register you would like to achieve.

In the example opposite, the surgery wants to review 100% of the patients who are taking oral and depot antipsychotics and they want to review 80% of their Asthmatics by the end of March 2023.

BookYourGP calculates the total number of patients that need to be reviewed, the total amount of time needed by your surgery to achieve these targets and it also provides you with a breakdown of how many hours are needed per month / week and which staff members will be needed to do the recalls.