Adding Staff Members, Creating & Updating Skills Matrixes

Skills matrixes can be updated as the skills and abilities of your staff change.

Clinic Settings

Click on "Clinic Settings"

Add Staff

Click "Add Staff".

Save A New Staff Member

Enter a name, the new staff member's initials, the role of the new staff member, add any Covers (you have to select at least one Cover to save a new staff member) and Diseases the staff member can do.

As Diseases are composed of covers (see here), only the Diseases which the staff member is able to do (according to the Covers added on to their profile) will be selectable.

You can also choose to add an e-mail address before clicking the "Add" button. If you enter an e-mail address, then the staff member will receive their login details via e-mail.

Edit / Delete An Existing Staff Member

Select a staff member. You can then edit their name, their initials, the covers and diseases they carry out and their e-mail address. Click "Save" to save any changes made. Or you can click "Delete" to delete the staff member from your surgery.