Adding Staff Members, Creating & Updating Skills Matrixes

Skills matrixes can be updated as the skills and abilities of your staff change.

Clinic Settings

Click on "Clinic Settings"

Add Staff

Click "Add Staff".

Save A New Staff Member

Enter a name, the new staff member's initials, the role of the new staff member, add any Covers (you have to select at least on Cover to save a new staff member) and Diseases the staff member can do.

You can also choose to add an e-mail address before clicking the "Add" button. If you enter an e-mail address, then the staff member will receive their login details via e-mail.

Edit / Delete An Existing Staff Member

Select a staff member. You can then edit their name, their initials, the covers and diseases they carry out and their e-mail address. Click "Save" to save any changes made. Or you can click "Delete" to delete the staff member from your surgery.