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Litigation is increasing 10% a year and medical comorbidities are set to double over the next 10 years. Can you afford not to cope?

What Do You Do When Your Patient Doesn't Attend?
Mr Smith, a 53 year old gentleman attended with tiredness all the time. He was seen by his GP who organised TATT bloods. His Hb came back as 10.7. Dr Lee asked the team at the surgery to contact the patient for a follow up appointment. Mr Smith did not attend. One year later Mr Smith returned to the surgery and was referred under the two week wait rule.

He was then diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer.

Mr Smith sued Dr Lee and the other GPs involved in his care.
Just Another UTI
The nurse found that Mrs Jones, a 58 year old lady had 1+ of blood on her urine dipstick. Two months later she was treated for a UTI by Dr Brown with no follow up. Her dipstick again showed 1+ of blood. A few months later the surgery received a private medical report which showed 3+ of blood - this was not acted on.

Two years later Mrs Jones was admitted to the hospital as an emergency with nausea, vomiting and renal colic. She was found to have Stage III Bladder Cancer.

Mrs Jones took Dr Brown and the other partners from the surgery to court.
Medically Unexplained Symptoms?
Mrs Chowdhury had a slightly elevated AST at 82. Mrs Chowdhury returned to see Dr Williams where she complained of abdominal pain, tiredness, poor sleep, seasonal rhinitis, headaches and dizziness. Dr Williams referred Mrs Chowdhury for a a laparoscopic cholecystectomy after an USS showed gallstones.

But Mrs Chowdhury's deranged LFTs did not get followed up and three years later Mrs Chowdhury reattended with weight loss and ascites. She was diagnosed with hepatitis C.

She sued Dr Williams.
Who Monitors the Monitoring?
Mrs Atkinson is a 53 year old lady who is known to the Psychiatric team. She requested a home visit because she was feeling dizzy and generally unwell.

Dr Thornton visited the patient. He realised that Mrs Atkinson was on Lithium. He organised a blood test via the district nurses. Mrs Atkinson's lithium level returned as 2.5 several days later and she was admitted as an emergency. She was treated for lithium toxicity, however she was left with permanent ataxia and dysarthria.

Mrs Atkinson sued Dr Thornton and the surgery for not monitoring her medications properly.

Never Let a Patient Fall Through the Cracks Again

Stay on top of all your recalls and follow up appointments without ever letting a patient fall through the cracks again.

Get automatic alerts for outstanding follow-ups so that neither you or your patients get caught out.

Automate Your Tasks and Let Your Team Get on With the Real Work

Simply add Recalls on to the patients profile and let BookYourGP take care of the rest:

  • Set a date for the recall
  • A preselected Email/SMS/Letter template automatically gets sent to the patient
  • The patient is given the option to book an appointment online by themselves, or to contact the surgery. (And yes, the app is clever enough to book the patient with the right healthcare worker for the right amount of time)

Manage Your Communications & Close the Loop

Sometimes a personalised SMS/Email makes all the difference to your patient and makes future interactions all the more pleasant.

But it's equally important to close the loop. If your patient hasn't attended then take a moment to craft some real fresh words or select one of your medico legally robust templates. Ensure that you've done everything to protect yourself and fully inform the patient of the risks of not attending.

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